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The Gravitation Water Vortex Power Plant (GWVPP) is a novel bioreacter, which generates river specific aquatic plants, microbes and fish. The following figure shows the function of this bioreactor:




The Gravitation Water Vortex in the rotation tank of a GWVPP creates an aeration area, with a turbine in the centre and a high bioactive area in the outer area. The pictures below show the diverse population

of aquatic plants









 with microbes









and fish on the wall and on the floor of the rotation tank.










The GWVPP offers a sustainable production of hydropower with three noticeable benefits:

(A) Water cleaning effect, because the aquatic plants are self-regenerating biological filters.

(B) Generation of microbes and fish around the aquatic plants.     

(C) Fish migration through the GWVPP - the diverse aquatic plants and the low flow speed on the way through the GWVPP guarantee that fishes can pass the GWVPP in both directions and without much exertion. Fish can pass the turbine because of the low speed of the turbine. The basic data - slot width and power density - to make fish-migration in a GWVPP possible are taken from the official table for vertical-slot-fish-passes.

A closely mashed screen in the headwater upstream of the rotation tank can verify the migration of fish, so fish can be caught here after they have passed upstream of the GWVPP. So the GWVPP can also be used as a fish pass which produces electricity. The advantages of the fish migration through the GWVPP compared to a Vertical-Slot-fish-pass:

(1) Fish easily find direct the entrance in the gravitation water vortex power plant, because all water passes through the GWVPP and only a small percentage of water passes through the Vertical-Slot-fish-pass. Fish swim against the direction of the current and so it is important to have a great flow rate out of the doorway so that the fish can find this entrance.

(2)  The GWVPP as a bioreactor generates microbes, which are food for fish. So the microbes attract fish into the rotation tank of the GWVPP and the fish can move into the head water supply.

(3) The maximum speed of water going through a GWVPP is lower than 2m/s and can easily be calculated. On the other hand the maximum flow speed of a Vertical-Slot-fish-pass must also be lower than 2m/s.

(4) The power density, which is generated by the Gravitation Water Vortex of a GWVPP, is lower than 43W/m³. For the official building licence we offer detailed and understandable calculations. On the other hand in Australia and in UK the allowed maximum power density for a Vertical-Slot-fish-pass is 43W/m³.

(5) The water speed into the slow rotary turbine is below 2m/s. So there is no risk for fish at all.

(6) Fish can pass the GWVPP in both directions, upstream and downstream. A Vertical-Slot-fish-pass works only upstream.

(7)  At the GWVPP fish have to pass only one doorway in the rotation tank. At a Vertical-Slot-fish-pass fish have to pass 20 or more basins with its doorways (Vertical-Slots).

(8) The GWVPP needs no additional fish pass and so there is no additional construction in the river (no additional ecological footprint).

(9) Using a GWVPP as a fish pass, there is financial investment return by generating green electricity.

We guarantee you, that fish can pass our GWVPP upstream and downstream!


Conclusion: With the contemplated positive ecological aspects, the GWVPP has conformed to the European Water Framework Directive. In particular GWVPP are suitable for making river barriers and weirs, ecologically passable and to produce green electricity.





Is an elementary vortex with a vertical axis of gyration. The source of the rotation-symmetric and stable vortex is the Gravitation - so we called it Gravitation Water Vortex (GWV).

Is a stable condition of a gyrating and rotating highly dynamic water flow.

Increases the water surface area.

Maximizes the velocity of flow on the water surface area.

Disseminates homogeneously contaminants in the water.

Increases the contact surface of the disseminated contaminants for microorganisms and water plants.

Aerates the water naturally, because of the high velocity of flow on the water surface area and the increased water surface area, to support the self-purifying of water with microorganisms and water plants.

Increases the amount of evaporation and so water can reduce the temperature itself at rising temperatures in the summer.

Builds up a peripheral zone of ice in the winter, to isolate the centre of the vortex.

Concentrates dense water (water at 4°C) in the ring-shaped centre, to ensure the survival of microorganisms as long as possible.

Decelerates the flow of water, so it can be used as an active retention pond.

Concentrates rotational energy in the ring-shaped centre, enabling clean and green power generation.

Generates in its centre a magnetic field, which is directed in the axis of rotation.



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